One Plus One Equals Three

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A slightly melancholy album about the love that dare not speak its name...enjoy the Jon/Richie musical goodness!

Their Anthem

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Wanted Dead or Alive.
Ok, now...please, tell me people...our few followers (the ones that are showed...and the ones who are not)...
Please...isn't this one of the cutests scenes you've ever seen?
Isn't this a proof of love?
How can someone ignore this? How can someone say they don't care for each other?

And this picture is particularly cute and funny cause we can only see Jon's hair over Richie's shoulder...and they look so oblivious to everything, including the 50.000 people watching them.

That's what love can do.

Please excuse my poor editing skills, I'm still trying to get the hang of this.

What is this, you'll be probably asking yourself now. Well this is the online version of the mighty Pink Folder of Doom, or PFD for short. It is a collection of photos, videos and other stuff assembled over the years by the ever crazy and obsessed moi about the two most obviously in love musicians on the planet.

Mick and Keith might the kings of bitchy love/hate relationships and poor John and Paul got separated way too soon as well as Freddy and Brian, but no couple in rock is or was more obviously in love than JonandRichie.

You don't believe me? Well then hold on tight and strap your seatbelts on because I'm gonna open the vaults and show you! :D

I hope you'll like the design. I know it's very pink but well, that's the whole point of it, ain't it? :D Richie would probably kick my ass if he knew about that pink guitar...on the other hand I distinctly remember a certain very pink guitar with bad medicine written on it...or was that actually Jon's?  *scratches head*

Anyway, I thought to get things started I'll just post one of the many pics in my ever growing collection for you, hope you'll like it. I have no idea when and where this was taken, but it's just so cute and notice the look on their faces and how they look into each others eyes...*fluff and luv overload*